Church Directory

Church Directory

Our church directory is available to view on your mobile device! Instant Church Directory – the program we use to build our church directory – has a free app for church members to download on their Apple, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

You will be asked to enter your email address as it’s listed in our directory. If your email address isn’t listed in the directory, let Lacey White ([email protected]) know so it can be added. Once you enter your email address follow the directions on screen to complete the login process. After you login, the directory will be downloaded to your device. Anytime updates are made, they will update on your device too. In the app you will be able to search for families and members and call, email and text right from the app.

More information can be found at

Step-by-step Login Instructions for iPhone, iPad or any iOS device.

Step-by-step Login Instructions for Android and Kindle Devices


You can also access the directory from a desktop computer:

Step-by-step Login Instructions for

To make a desktop icon, go to the desktop and right click in a blank space.
Go to New and then Shortcut.
Type and then click next.
Then name it and then click finish.